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Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

on February 21, 2014

Author: Rick Riordan

illustrator: Fred Gambino

 Publisher: Puffin Books

I got this because I want to finish the Heroes of Olympus and find out what happened in this book. If you like adventure books with mythology in them, then read this book/series.

Critical Review:

In this book you find the view of different characters and what they think about what is going on and what they see. When they are in fights, talks, searches etcetera you see and know what they are going to do. There are a lot of surprising parts in this book, like when Piper sees an image of the future in her dagger. This story has a lot of fighting parts and discoveries that are fascinating.  The reason it is a good book is because it has parts that are not possible in real life, and only possible in the imagination of this book. I learn a lot by reading this series, like what the names of the Greek and Roman gods were, and how to say things in Greek and Latin.  My favorite character is Frank, because he can turn into a dragon or any other animal, I think that’s a cool skill to have, and wish it were possible in real life! You’d see dragons flying everywhere, saying ‘Good Morning!’

Story Summary:


In this book Anabeth and Percy and the others are on the adventure to follow the Mark of Athena and kill Gaia the earth goddess, who has opened the doors of death to keep her monsters from dying so she can kill the gods and demigods.  Will the seven close the doors of death and kill Gaia?



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